How Our Base Models Works

Over late last year, we have been working hard to implement the new rover system for our trailer models.
During this process, we have Design and have tested over 100 sub-variants!
Allowing our customers to build their dream trailer without restriction.
We have created a new naming scheme to help customers quickly understand the trailer’s basic specifications.

If any further help is needed, Please feel free to call us, and we will give you as much assistance as possible.

The new naming scheme includes the nose type, length of the box section, Width of the box section if Different from the smallest in the length of box section, style of roof, height of the roof, dual or single axle and finally, the atm of the trailer.

Example One

AN3600 ST DA 2.0t 

AN = Angle nose section front
36 = 3600 mm long
00 = Basic width length of trailer
ST = 1500 mm lift up Roof
DA = If Included Dual Axle 
2.0t = ATM of trailer

Example Two


List of all New Variants

  • AN3000 FR 1.2t
  • AN3000 FR 1.5t
  • AN3000 FR16 1.2t
  • AN3000 FR16 1.5t
  • AN3000 FR18 1.2t
  • AN3000 FR18 1.5t
  • AN3000 FR20 1.2t
  • AN3000 FR20 1.5t
  • AN3000 LP 1.2t
  • AN3000 LP 1.5t
  • AN3000 ST 1.2t
  • AN3000 ST 1.5t
  • AN3500 FR 1.5t
  • AN3500 FR 1.8t
  • AN3500 FR16 1.5t
  • AN3500 FR16 1.8t
  • AN3500 FR18 1.5t
  • AN3500 FR18 1.8t
  • AN3500 FR20 1.5t
  • AN3500 FR20 1.8t
  • AN3500 LP 1.5t
  • AN3500 LP 1.8t
  • AN3500 ST 1.5t
  • AN3500 ST 1.8t
  • AN3600 FR18 2.0t
  • AN3600 FR18 2.2t
  • AN3600 FR18 DA 2.0t
  • AN3600 FR18 DA 3.0t
  • AN3600 FR20 2.0t
  • AN3600 FR20 2.2t
  • AN3600 FR20 DA 2.0t
  • AN3600 FR20 DA 3.0t
  • AN3600 ST 2.0t
  • AN3600 ST 2.2t
  • AN3600 ST DA 2.0t
  • AN3600 ST DA 3.0t
  • AN3622 FR18 DA 2.0t
  • AN3622 FR18 DA 3.0t
  • AN3622 FR20 DA 2.0t
  • AN3622 FR20 DA 3.0t
  • AN3622 ST DA 2.0t
  • AN3622 ST DA 3.0t
  • AN3820 FR18 DA 2.0t
  • AN3820 FR18 DA 3.0t
  • AN3820 FR20 DA 2.0t
  • AN3820 FR20 DA 3.0t
  • AN3820 ST DA 2.0t
  • AN3820 ST DA 3.0t
  • AN3822 FR18 2.2t
  • AN3822 FR18 2.0t
  • AN3822 FR18 DA 2.0t
  • AN3822 FR18 DA 3.0t
  • AN3822 FR20 2.0t
  • AN3822 FR20 2.2t
  • AN3822 FR20 DA 2.0t
  • AN3822 FR20 DA 3.0t
  • AN3822 ST 2.0t
  • AN3822 ST 2.2t
  • AN3822 ST DA 2.0t
  • AN3822 ST DA 3.0t
  • AN4000 FR18 DA 3.0t
  • AN4000 FR18 DA 3.0t
  • AN4000 FR20 DA 3.2t
  • AN4000 FR20 DA 3.5t
  • AN4000 FR22 DA 3.2t
  • AN4000 FR22 DA 3.5t
  • AN4022 FR18 DA 3.2t
  • AN4022 FR18 DA 3.5t
  • AN4022 FR20 DA 3.2t
  • AN4022 FR20 DA 3.5t
  • AN4022 FR22 DA 3.2t
  • AN4022 FR22 DA 3.5t
  • AN4522 FR20 DA 3.2t
  • AN4522 FR20 DA 3.5t
  • AN4522 FR22 DA 3.2t
  • AN4522 FR22 DA 3.5t
  • AN4522 FR24 DA 3.2t
  • AN4522 FR24 DA 3.5t
  • AN4524 FR18 DA 3.2t
  • AN4524 FR18 DA 3.5t
  • AN4524 FR20 DA 3.2t
  • AN4524 FR20 DA 3.5t
  • AN4524 FR22 DA 3.2t
  • AN4524 FR22 DA 3.5t
  • AN4524 FR24 DA 3.2t
  • AN4524 FR24 DA 3.5t
  • BN2450 FR 1.0t
  • BN2450 FR 1.2t
  • BN2450 FR 1.5t
  • BN2450 FR18 1.0t
  • BN2450 FR18 1.2t
  • BN2450 FR18 1.5t
  • BN2450 LP 1.0t
  • BN2450 LP 1.2t
  • BN2450 LP 1.5t
  • BN2450 ST 1.0t
  • BN2450 ST 1.2t
  • BN2450 ST 1.5t
  • BN3000 FR 1.2t
  • BN3000 FR 1.5t
  • BN3000 FR16 1.2t
  • BN3000 FR16 1.5t
  • BN3000 FR18 1.2t
  • BN3000 FR18 1.5t
  • BN3000 FR20 1.2t
  • BN3000 FR20 1.5t
  • BN3000 LP 1.2t
  • BN3000 LP 1.5t
  • BN3000 ST 1.2t
  • BN3000 ST 1.5t
  • BN3500 FR18 1.5t
  • BN3500 FR18 1.8t
  • BN3500 FR20 1.5t
  • BN3500 FR20 1.8t
  • BN3600 FR18 DA 2.
  • BN3600 FR18 DA 3.
  • BN3600 FR20 DA 2.
  • BN3600 FR20 DA 3.
  • SN3000 LP 1.2t
  • SN3000 LP 1.5t
  • SN3000 ST 1.2t
  • SN3000 ST 1.5t
  • SN3500 LP 1.5t
  • SN3500 LP 1.8t
  • SN3500 ST 1.5t
  • SN3500 ST 1.8t
  • SN3600 ST DA 2.0t
  • SN3600 ST DA 3.0t