Trailers for Your Need

ASB Trailers is a Sydney based company that produces Car Trailers, Motorbike Trailers, Go Kart Trailers, and all kinds of top & high quality trailers for clients.

We are producing the finest Australian built trailers & vehicle transporters from our purpose-built, Sydney workshop for over 6 months. We provide an unique one to one personal support, and our extremely skilled design engineers will talk about your trailers requirements in details. As our company maintains production flexibility, we can fulfill the most demanding of customer specifications. Computer assisted design aids us to maintain a very high build quality, paired with a safety test standard that is the crave of the industry.

We manufacture and sell from our factory directly, so you have your dream trailer built by us.

  • Assured high quality
  • Engineered to high standards
  • Tested under our local conditions

Looking for Car Trailers or Motorbike Trailers?

We are very experienced in building car trailers, motorbike trailers, custom trailers or any kind of trailers that you need! ASB Trailers means more trailers for your money! More features to make your travel and hauling smoother and better.

  • Engineered to Australian Tested Standards
  • High Quality Designs
  • Built For Heavy-Duty Use
  • Engineered by Experience

Financing Available

At ASB Trailers we understand that buying a Trailer is big investment, so we are providing the option of financing for all our trailers.

  • We Offer it On all of our products.
  • Ask us about financing options.


We provide 6 months service warranty for all our trailers. Buy trailers from us and enjoy service warranty for next 6 Months for free!

  • Standard Trailers
  • Car Trailers
  • Go kart Trailers
  • Motorbike Trailers
  • Custom Made Trailers

At ASB Trailers We Provide

Service you can count on!

ASB Motor Trailers new innovations have evolved to make our trailers stand out, built with more features, and safe for all of our clients. We also specialize in custom transporters, car trailers, bike trailers (motorbike trailers), go kart trailers, built to our customer’s specifications.

  • Motorbike Trailers/Transporter
  • Car Trailers/Transporter
  • Go Kart Trailers/Transporter
  • Other Trailers/Custom Transporter
  • Entertainment Systems (Audio Sounds Systems, Television Systems)




ABOUT ASB Trailers

Asb Trailers - Car Trailers, Motorbike Trailers, Top & High quality trailers supplier in Australia. Buy Trailers in Australia at affordable price.


We are located in Sydney Australia.Headoffice: 2/11 Lancaster Street, Ingleburn NSW 2565