BN2450 ST 1.2t – White With Assisted Tailgate, Toolbox and Spare Tyre

The BN2450 ST  is just the right size trailer for people who want to tow a decent amount of cargo safely and securely without needing to fill their cars wall to wall with the gear they need to carry or have a behemoth barreling behind them everywhere they go. The steel frame is exceptionally durable, allowing you to carry heavy loads in a small footprint while protecting your cargo from the elements and keeping prying eyes away from what you have inside.

With a payload capacity of up to 700 kg, transporting heavy tools, equipment, furniture, and even small vehicles like motorbikes has never been easier. The trailer boasts a ramp door with gas strut assist, allowing for effortless loading and unloading of items.

The trailer is easily illuminated with its white interior and lift-up roof, which further increases ease of use when opened, allowing you to stand comfortably inside the trailer without needing a large trailer. Other benefits of having a lift-up roof trailer are lower drag when driving and the ability to fit in most garages. At the start or end of the day, you don’t want to be lunging out your gear every time you go out. Additionally, the trailer has a passenger door that allows you to access the trailer without requiring you to open up the whole trailer.

The BN2450 ST is ideal for First-time trailer buyers, portable storage, contractors and other tradies on the go.

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BN2450 ST 1.2t – White With Assisted Tailgate, Toolbox and Spare Tyre


Roof Type

Lift Up Roof

Side Door

Left Door

ATM (Aggregated Trailer Mass)

2000 KG, 3200 KG, 3500 KG

Axle Type

Single Axle



Rim size


Interior Mesh


Storage Divider



Drop Down Tailgate

Bike Carry Compacity

One Bike, Three Bikes, Two-Bikes, Five-Bikes, Four-Bike

Bike Channels


Trailer Connector

Flat 7 Pin Connector